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Understanding blowers  

   In many application blower is the heart of the system. So breakdown maintainance of blower is very costly affair as it may amount to huge production loss.
 For critical application we recommend to have spare blower in line with damper settings so that by closing the blower1 damper and opening the blower2 damper complete system breakdown time gets reduced.

       Tips for Preventive Maintenance of Industrial Air Blowers

  1. Ensure that motor mounting and impeller locking bolts are tight.
  2. Check impeller balancing is accurate. (Start & stop the blower. You will observe impeller rotation speed is slowly reducing. If impeller is well balanced it will slowly come to rest. If there is any unbalance impeller will go forth or backward just before coming to rest.) If dynamic balancing is not proper then there will be undue vibrations while running.
  3. In many applications over the period of running dust gets accumulated on the impeller.  Impeller balancing is dusturbed because of dust accumulation. Impeller needs to be cleansed to attaing proper balancing. Centrifugal blowers are provided with maintenance window on the casing. Impeller can be periodicaly cleaned through this window.
  4. Take record of current, noise and vibration when the blower is running satisfactorily. Periodicaly repeat the exercise. Any deviation in currnet, noise and vibration is indication of posible breakdown in future. Maintenance person needs to troubleshoot the problem to prevent breakdown/ accident in future.
     In addition to the points given above there are few more preventive maintenance checks for BELT DRIVEN BLOWER as listed below
  1. Periodicaly do the greasing of the bearings.
  2. Periodicaly check for belt pulley allignment.
  3. Check that bolts of plummer block and pulley are properly tighten.
  4. Ensure that bearing sleeves is tightened properly on the shaft. There should be no relative motion between shaft and sleeve.

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