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Understanding blowers

   Industrial Blower Applications

  Industrial Blowers are generally used as part of an equipment such as Boiler, HVAC system etc. These equipment are the applications were the blower is used. Although the job of the blower in any application remains the same i.e. to  produce air flow at specific pressure. However depending on the application blower have change in drive arrangement, Material of Construction, speed, mounting arrangement, efficiency etc. Blowers in different application also have different preventive maintenance schedule and maintainance issues.
 Based on application, blowers can be categorised into following
  1. Induced Draft & Forced Draft Fans for boiler application
  2. Dust Collection Blowers
  3. Furnace Blowers
  4. Paint Shop Blowers
  5. Kitchen Exhaust Blowers
  6. Process Equipment Blower
  7. HVAC Blower
  8. Blowers for material conveying applications
  9. Fume Exhaust/ Ventilation Blowers
  10. Blowers for Sewage Treatment / Water Treatment Plant (STP/ WTP Blowers)

Blower Applications
Blower Selection
Preventive Maintenance
Energy Saving / Cost Reduction