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Understanding blowers

 Why Air Blower is Required in Industries?

    Primarily any air blower performs following functions

a. Generating the specific quantity of air flow.
b. Build Pressure of generated air flow to accomodate for the pressure drop.

    There are applications and processes which requires specific quantity of air. Manytimes it is not possible to directly put the blower at the place of application. The problem is solved by guiding the generated air flow to the desired space of application. The confined space of air travel from the blower location to the point of delivery offers resistance to flow of air which is referred as pressure drop.  It is important to increase the pressure of  air  equivalent to  the pressure drop, otherwise the amount of air generated will not be received at the space of application.

  Why different types of Air Blower?

      Industrial Air Fans & Blowers are differentiated based on the working principle utilized to create flow & pressure. With difference in working principle also varies pressure generating capabilites & efficiency.

     It is responsibility of engineer to make selection of suitable blower for particular application based on volume, pressure generating capabilities & efficiency.

   Based on working principal air blowers are primarily classified as

 1. Axial Fans
          Used for low pressure application, usually not more than 25mm wc.

 2. Centrifugal Fans & Blowers
          Used for medium pressure application. Single stage centrifugal fan can generate pressure ranging from 25mm wg to 1500mm wg.
 3. Roots Blowers (Twin lobe blowers)
         Used for generating higher pressure ranging from 1000mm wg (0.1bar) to 8000mm wg (0.8bar).

Blower Applications
Blower Selection
Preventive Maintenance
Energy Saving / Cost Reduction