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Understanding blowers

  Axial Fans

    Axial Fans are those in which air enters and leaves the fan parallel to the axis of rotation. Ceiling fans, table fans and exhaust fans used at home are some of varities of "Axial Fan".

     Flow is generated by rotation of blades which sweeps the air from inlet  to outlet side. Quantity of flow generated depends on blade angle, diameter of fan and rotation speed.  Axial Fans are typically used for high flow and low pressure application. Axial Fans are often used for free air delivery application (without ducting). Although it is possible to increase the Pressure of air to some extent by using axial fans but it results in poor efficiency and high noise level.                                                                                   

Typical application of axial fans are as follows

  1. Ventilation & Exhaust Fans
  2. Man Coolers & cooling applications
  3. HVAC

    Axial Fans used in industries are mostly tube axial fans. Tube Axial Fans are suitable foro heavy duty applications. Tubular Shell helps to guide the air smoothly over the blades. Fan is made of either aluminum casting or fabricated from Mild Steel/ Stainless Steel. Use of aluminium casting makes fan lighter in weight and energy efficient.  Tube axial fans are either direct drive (fan mounted on motor shaft, motor fitted inside tubular shell) or Belt Drive (fan mounted on  shaft & bearing arrangement inside tubular shell). Direct Drive Axial Fans can be used were air temperature entering the Axial Fan is less than 60deg. C. For high temperature applications belt drive is recommended. Tube axial fans are provided with wire mest protection at inlet and outlet.



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