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Understanding blowers
  Twin Lobe Blowers

    Twin lobe blowers is a positive discplacement machine. It consists of two lobes which are driven inside a housing by a prime mover. The lobes moves in opposite direction relative to each other with very small clearance between the two lobes and also very small clearance between the lobe and housing. Motion of one lobe is transmitted into relative moton of other lobe (in opposite direction) by gear arrangement.

    Rotational sweep of lobe creates the suction at one end and air gets sucked and traped between lobe and housing. During further rotation of lobe, volume of the air space reduces therby increasing the pressure of the air. This pressurized air is released at the delivery side of housing.

    Twin lobe blowers and very noisy machine. Silencer is normally connected at the suction and discharge end to control the noise. Noise is produced becuase of air friction and churning inside the housing.


Blower Applications
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